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At Redeemer you will often hear us say that we are about "sharing together in the life of Christ by loving God and loving neighbor"

That is what we mean when we talk about being a "disciple" or follower of Jesus. 

We take seriously the call to grow as disciples and to make new disciples out of non-disciples of Jesus. (Matthew 28:16-20).  We also try to keep it pretty simple. You can read more about how we seek to live this out, page by clicking HERE

One of the ways that we make disciples at Redeemer is through our Community Groups. Community Groups themselves do not make disciples. But we believe that they are an important part of how we grow as disciples and how we seek to live out our shared mission as a church: 

  • Sharing together in the life of Christ- Our Community Groups give us an opportunity to "know and be known". They are a place were we go deeper than surface level in our relationships and go deeper than being "mere hearers" of the Word (James 1:22) as we discuss relevant questions from the previous week's sermon and discuss how to apply God's Word to our lives as we grow and share in the life of Christ together in community. 
  • Loving God togetherRedeemer Community Groups encourage us to grow in our love for God through thoughtful application of God's Word, mutual accountability, encouragement and by experiencing God together with others who are on a journey of following Jesus. 
  • Loving Neighbor together- We were never intended to attempt to live the Christian life in isolation. Jesus' call for us to "love others" (Luke 10:25-28) is proof of this. The very nature of the commandment to "love neighbor" requires community. We can't love others without spending time with others. This includes spending time with other followers of Jesus AND to spend time as the followers of Jesus helping the hurting in our communities, knowing the needs of those around us who we call our "neighbors", meeting those needs together as a community and seeking to share the amazing Good News of the Kingdom wherever God has us, as His people seeking to love others with His love. 

What does a Community Group typically look like? 

We have different groups that meet at different people's houses almost every night of the week. Each group is going to look a little bit differently as it takes on the personality of the leaders, the people who host it, the personalities of the people in the group and the context of the town and area they meet in, but some things are basic to each group: 

  • Each group meets at least 2 Times per month 
  • Each Redeemer Community Group has a time of discussion, usually geared around the questions from the previous week's sermon. Don't worry if you don't know a lot of stuff about the Bible. There will be people with varying levels of experience and knowledge in each group. We see that as a good thing. 
  • Each group will have some time hanging out with each other, praying for one another and catching up on each other's lives. 
  • Each group will share a meal together on a pretty regular basis 
  • Each group will be dedicated to serving tangible needs in their community on at least a monthly basis.