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If you're bored out of your gourd and so are your kids, here's something small, fun, and EASY. I'm NOT a crafter. I never have been, and I never will be. But there's somehting about how simple, fun, and diverse these little daily devotionals are. I have been doing these with Calvin this past year for our Bible/Science/Art/Math/Grammar/Spelling/Literature/History class. (Jokes--seriously, though, we start our morning out with this devitional, watch a YouTube video to reinforce the science idea, learn some science, and do a fun activity that's either science or Bible related. We haven't done every devotional--there are a lot of space/stars related devotionals that are really great, but there are only so many projects I can find for them. 

So--below, I will list the title of the devotional, the page numbers, the correlating YouTube videos, and the link to the craft/project/supplies. (Mostly, you will need crayons, cardstock, construction paper, paper plates, brads, staples, popsicle sticks, and glue...and "Cats in the Cradle" on hand for days that you're not feeling motivated.

Keep in mind that not all of these are guaranteed winners.

AND--DISCLAIMER: For those who share our family's beliefs regarding Creationism and literal Biblical interpretation--Some of the videos do use evolutionary theory as their foundation. I always just have follow-up conversatoins with Calvin to reinforce our own personal beliefs at home. Up to you. 

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we have! 

1.  A Blank Page (pg. 8-9)

     YouTube:    Odd Facts About Sloths

     Project:       Sloth Mother and Baby


                        Modified Sloth Mother and Baby

2.  The Sounds of Silence (pg. 10-11)

YouTube:     What is Sound?

Project:        Prayer Journal

3.  Dinosaours and Dragons--Oh My! (pg. 12-13)

YouTube:     God's Story: The Armor of God

Armor of God funny video game

Armor of God (Good Visual) (This one is a TAD dramatic and has a guy at the end that might stress out little ones. Check it before you show it to your kids.) 

The Acid in my Stomach--4 MINUTES IN!! The first half of the video is about the bladder for some reason (?)


Project:    Armor of God--(I used cardstock and brass brads and used a picture of Calvin for the face of the soldier.)


4.  What's the Smell?!? (pg. 14,15)

YouTube:     The World's Smelliest Flower                     

                    Corpse Flower Time Lapse

Project:   Venus Fly Trap (I didn't purchase the download, but I bet it would be easier!)


Game:      What's that Smell. I have a pocket edition that's perfect and less expensive, but I couldn't find that one online. 

Optional Variation: Blindfold child and have them guess what things are by their smell


5. How Deep Is the Deep? (pg. 16-17)

    YouTube:       The Deepest Part of the Ocean

                           The World's Ugliest Animal

    Project:          Color-by-Number


6.  Faster Than the Speed of Light (pg. 20-21)

YouTube:  Can We Travel Faster Than Light?  (Only until 3 minutes and 12 seconds....then for some reason, it turns into a miscellaneous science video)

Speed of Light and Sound (Ask: What did you notice when the video showed the replay? Did the balloon pop sound come when the balloon popped or after?)

Project:      Fun With Light


7.  A Tool for God (pg. 22-23)

     YouTube:      An Octopus' Home

                          The Outrageous Octopus

     Project:         Make an Octopus To Be Proud Of

8.  Here, we began an "Astronomy Unit" of sorts. We stayed on stars/space devotionals for a bit so that we could read some of the great books out there and watch the videos. So the next few days are all tied together. 

The Story of the Stars (pg. 26-27) 

     YouTube:      What Are Stars?

                           Dr. Binocs: Stars for Kids

      Additonal Books for Star Fun:      The Night Sky

                                                            Glow-In-The-Dark Constellations

                                                            Astronomy for Kids

                                                            Once Upon a Starry Night

      (And here is my shameless plug for Thriftbooks. They are just the best.)

I was thoroughly lost when I began the unit on stars/constellations. The best way to go about using these books together is using the star finder in "The Night Sky" to find what constellations are viewable in your season/quadrant of the sky. Then, use a compass app on your phone to find the position of the sky where you should be able to see the constellations. When you go out, take the Glow-in-the-dark book out with your binoculars/telescope/naked eye. The stars will look the way they are supposed to if you use the books together.


Project:     Starry Night (paint and crayons and glow-in-the-dark stars, which are optional. You can also use regular gold star stickers or simply press down hard and do multiple layers of yellow/gold/red/blue crayons. The Calvinator and I used glow-in-the dark stars and used the rest of the stars for making the constellations in future devotions.) 


                      3-D Paper Stars


                      Constellation Dot-to-Dots

Last thing: If you're looking for a great way to study the night sky and get really familiar with the names and shapes of constellations, Elijah and I went through this a couple of years ago, and we LOVED it! Simple, and the more you look at the constellations and names, the more familiar you become. 


9.  A Star Is Born (pg. 116-117)

     YouTube:       How Do Stars Form? 

     Project:         Make a star, any star


10. The Star Counter (pg. 30-31)

       YouTube:     What Is The Milky Way? 

                           Get To Know Your Galaxy

Project:      Chalk Galaxy (Calvin and I used black paper and regular chalk. We also used some glitter glue and splattered white paint over the top. It was delightfully messy and chaotic. Still one of my favorites.)

11. Only On Earth (pg. 172-173)

      YouTube:      Explore Rocky Planets

                           Explore Gas Giants

                           Explore Dwarf Planets

      Project:     Planet Mobile (Amazon Purchase)


                        Planet Mobile (Printable Download)


                        Planet Mobile (Paper Plates and Cardstock)


12.  So Big! (pg. 134-135)

       YouTube:     Universe Size Comparison

       Project:     Space Maze (I was officially spaced out. No. More. paint/glue/scissors/mess)

So ends any devotionals about space that we did/will do. 

NOW--we embark on a bit of a Biology unit.


13.  No Bones About It (pg. 24-25)

     YouTube:     Your Super Skeleton

     Project:       Make Your Own Skeleton


                         Skeleton Puzzle


14. Ears To Hear (pg. 40-41)

      YouTube:     What is Sound

      Project:       The Science of The String Phone