Follow these stepsteps to download the Church Center application to your mobile device.

1) Go to the App Store on your mobile device


2) Seach for "Church Center App" and OPEN to download.


3) Once you've sucessfully installed the Church Center app to your device you will need to tell it what church you want to connect to by

    Selecting  "Get Started"


4) Select Search Manually to begin looking for Redeemer Fellowship, Toms River.

5a) Enter "Redeemer Fellowship" in the church name field

5b) Enter "Toms River" in location field

5c) Then Select "Search"


6a) Select the Redeemer church logo from the search results.


7) Select Next

8a) In order to associate your mobile device to Church Center enter your mobile phone number and Church Center will text you a validation code to join.

8b) Enter the code Church Center texted to your phone.

9) Login and enjoy the Redeemer Fellowship Church Center experience.