So, why Church Planting? 

I mean, aren't there enough churches around here?  Do we really need new churches to be started? 

YES! We live in one of the least churched areas of the country.  There is no shortage of religion, but there is a big time shortage of the presence of the Gospel.  There may be a lot of buildings that have the name "church" on the door, but there are not a lot of believers in the Good News of Jesus.  We live in the most densely poulated state in the country, and the percentage of professing Christians is going DOWN. 

So, yes, we need many more Gospel Preaching churches that are committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus throughout the Jersey Shore. 

So, what makes you different than every other church around here?  

We get asked that a lot, but it's kind of a flawed question.  We did not start to be different.  We did not start to fill in what was lacking, and we did not start to define ourselves in opposition to any other church or movement.  We came here to preach the Gospel, make disciples, and to plant more churches who would do the same. We did not come to be different, we came to be faithful.  Period.  If other churches are doing what we're doing, we celebrate it and we will probably seek to partner with them in one way or another.  

Do you see what you are doing as better than established or Denominational Churches? 

Nope.  As long as they are preaching the Gospel and making disciples, we are all on the same team and we do not buy into this false notion that churches need to be in competition with one another.  Something we say a lot around here is, "its about the kingdom, not one particular expression of it".  So, we try to stick pretty close to the Gospel, and we are proud to join arms with those who have been doing that long before we ever came along. 

So, what's the goal

Community is where you live.  Its where you shop, and hang out, and do life.  You do not drive to community.  That is something that we see as odd in church culture.  So, our goal is to have Communities of Christiains in each of these little shore towns, so that you can live out the Gospel in YOUR community, not have to drive to hear about the Gospel in someone else's community 

Our Network

Redeemer is a part of the Crossway Chapel International church planting network. Something that we believe in strongly is that we were never meant to go it alone. Church planting is hard work. Glorious and exhillerating, but difficult. We look to partner with like-minded churches and networks to assist us in answering the call to "go and make disciples". Crossway provides us with accountability, doctrinal accountability, financial support and fellowship with Gospel-minded brothers and sisters around the globe. 

To find out more about the Crossway Chapel Network, click HERE