Community Group Questions for 6/9/19

Community Group Questions

“Wavering Between Faith and Fear” 6/9/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 32-33

Series: Genesis 13-50- God’s Dysfunctional Family Tree 

1). What led Jacob to call the place where he was at in the beginning for chapter 32 “God’s Camp”?

2). If Jacob was in “God’s Camp” and had God’s Covenant Promises, why was he so afraid when he heard that Esau was coming toward him (32:7)?

3). Even though Jacob is afraid, he takes his fear to the Lord- name all of the different ways that Jacob recounts God’s faithfulness and promises in verses 9-12.

4). Even though Jacob just had this wonderful time of prayer and declaration of faith, he seems like he is again operating out of fear in verses 13-21:

a. Why does Jacob seem to waver between beautiful declarations of faith and actions motivated out of fear?

b. Have there been times in your life where you have had every reason to be able to trust in God’s faithfulness but fear makes you take action rather than waiting on God?

5). Jacob seems to make all sorts of provisions “in case God did not do what God said He would do”.  How can we fall into provisions and planning overriding trust and stillness?

6). The context of Jacob wrestling with God is important and often not looked at when teaching about Jacob’s wrestling. How does  the context fit into Jacob’s wrestling with God? 

7. What can we glean from the context in terms of “us” maybe needing to embrace wrestling with God?

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