Community Group Questions for 6/30/19

Community Group Questions

“The Hope of Israel”


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 Scripture: Genesis 50

Scripture Series: God’s Dysfunctional Family Tree

1. What about Jacob’s death brought honor to him?  What about Jesus’ death brought honor to Him (reread the account of Jesus’ burial from the four gospels)?

2. What has been your experience when you have held back from confessing a sin to another person?  Describe some of the emotions and thoughts you had when it came to approaching the other person against whom you have sinned.

3. Are there still some sins in your life which you refuse to confess to another?  Why?  If you considered that sin like it was cancer, would you continue to hide it?

4. When has it been most difficult for you to forgive another person?  How has forgiving that person affected you?  Did you forgive them?

5.Is there someone who has come to you for forgiveness and you refuse to truly forgive that person?  Reflect on how Jesus has forgiven you and how it has affected you.

6. Are you forgiving unconditionally?  Or have you been bitter or resentful or harboring feelings of anger towards others?

7. Do you demonstrate the love of Christ when you're hurt?  Or do you store up those wrongs done to you, so you can bring them out again when an opportune time comes?  Have you committed yourself to love and grace?  Or are you biding your time for revenge?

8. When you think about life, do you think about it the way God intended life to be lived, eternally?  What keeps you from thinking of life this way?

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