Community Group for 5/5/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The Anti-Kingdom” 5/5/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 11

Series: Beginnings 

1). What is meant by “near fulfillment” and “far fulfillment” of passages like Genesis 9:1 “Be fruitful and multiply”

a. What is the near fulfillment

b.  What is the far fulfillment

c. Can you think of other passages that have an immediate context and then a “far fulfillment”?

2). In breaking down verse 4 it was said that there were three main heart issues that were exposed- explain each one

a. They tried to build a monument to their own power

b. They tried to make a name for themselves 

c. They tried to create a social structure to make sure that the would not get scattered all over the earth

3). How do we see those still taking place today?

4). How does grounding our identity in Christ keep us from having to “make a name for ourselves”?  How does someone ground their identity in Christ

5). In looking at the judgment from verses 5-9, how is Pentecost a “reversal of that judgment”?

6). In what way do we see hope at the end of the passage with the line of Abraham being introduced?  How do we remind each other that there is hope in the midst of the darkest darkness?

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