Sermon Questions for 12/2/18 Advent Week 1 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“Worship Fully” 12/2/18

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Scripture: Read- Luke 2:22-38 and Hebrews 11:39-12:4

Series: Advent Conspiracy: Recovering Christmas- Part 1 

Connecting the teaching and the worship: Such a big part of our worship during the Christmas season comes from the theologically rich tradition of Christmas music.  What Christmas song most draws your heart into worship and why?

1). Have you ever waiting on something for a really long time?  Ever wait so long that you began to wonder if God was going to deliver? 

2). How do you think Simeon and Anna must have felt living so long before seeing the promise of the Messiah?

3). Because of the long wait, how do you think they felt when God allowed them to be amongst the first to see the newborn Messiah? 

4.) If these two were known for the intimacy of their worship, how much greater must their worship have become once the Messiah showed up on the scene?

5). How has Jesus enabled you to worship fully? What things make us lose sight of that?

6). Consider the two stories we looked at- how are “waiting on the Lord” and worshipping Him fully often related?

7). How have waiting and worship be related in your life?

8). Is there any place in your life right now where God might be using waiting on Him to make you a more complete worshipper?

9). What does it truly look like to worship unhindered?  How do we as a group help remind one another to remain in that place?


Some application questions to help prepare your heart for this Advent Season:

1. Have you ever patiently had to wait for something and when you received it, it had a great sweetness?

2. Have you received the Promises and Gifts of God in miraculous ways in the past but find yourself growing impatient with Him on something that you are waiting on in the present

3. Have you fallen into seeing the relationships and opportunities that surround this season as obligatory? 

4. If you released the feeling of obligation would you be free to worship freely?

5. Have you considered the tremendous opportunities available to you as a Christian living on this side of the Cross who knows the fully story?

6. Are you able to slow down- even in this moment- and take the opportunity to join in the true church around the globe and worship fully