Are you ready to dig a little deeper into the mission and the community here at Redeemer?  We believe that coming together and worshipping on Sunday mornings with the rest of the Redeemer Family is really important and we hold it in high regard (you can read more about that HERE

But we also believe that Sunday's are only part of how we make disciples here at Redeemer. (You can read more about how we make disciples at Redeemer HERE)

Redeemer Community Groups provide opporunities for a balanced spiritual approach that you can't get through Sunday mornings alone as we seek to...

...share together in the life of Christ by loving God and loving neighbor

You can learn more about Redeemer Community Groups and what a typical group looks like by clicking HERE

We see Community Groups as a vital part of what it means to be a member here at Redeemer but you do not need to be a member to begin attending a Redeemer Community Group.

Just take a look and find one that meets in the area that you live in, on a night of the week that works for you and/or your family. We try to encourage people to pick a group that meets near their home because we believe that part of being "in community" means sharing in life of the community that meet in. We believe that we should be part of our neighborhoods, part of our community needs and that in order to impact our community for Jesus that we actually have to be a part of it

To join a group or to take a look at the different groups, click HERE or email us at