Here at Redeemer, we believe that when God grabbed ahold of us through His Son Jesus that he made us a part of His Family. 

God has a lot to say in His Word about what it looks like to be a part of His Family through a relationship with His Son.

When we refer to how we relate to God in growing as a part of His family and walking through that journey with other Christians as part of a local church, we often refer to that as membership (Romans 12:5, 12). 

We are made members of God's family, through the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the Cross and brought into that family through Jesus' resurection from the dead, and in this family we are given a new identity, a new name, and a new likeness.  To learn more about this "Good News and New Identity" click here.

We are also made part of God's family, meaning that we are now connected to something much larger than ourselves.  We are connected to every sincere believer who has ever or will ever put their faith in Jesus Christ as their only hope in this life and the next.  To learn more about being a part of this new family through the Gospel, click here. 

It is God's design that we live out that membership as part of a local group of other family members that God calls "his church". 

In this section, we want to provide you with resources on what it means to be a part of the local church.  In this section we would like to share with you a little bit about how we try our best, by God's grace, to follow the biblical model for what church is supposed to look like.  That can be listened to right here.