OK, you are interested in visiting, or you came and checked us out, and are wondering what's next. No one likes showing up time after time and feeling like a perpetual visitor.  It's our goal to make the process as clear as possible to take you from a valued visitor to becoming a vital part of our community.  

Kind of the motto in this phase, if you will, is:

"To Know and Be Known"

We want you to be able to get to know us and trust that we are a safe, healthy place for you to grow in your walk with Jesus.  And we want to get to know you to see how we can come alongside of you to help that happen. 

We like to keep things pretty simple, so we have a pretty simple process 

  1. Just come out to a service.  The best way to get to know us is to come and visit with us 
  2. Fill out a Connect Card online, or drop a card in offering basket on Sunday, or hand it to one of the Connect Team at the Connect Station, where they have information about the church and a free gift for visiting with us. 
  3. Come out to a Discovery Lunch- meet our pastors, learn more about our vision and what we believe. You will be able to ask questions, and find out how you can start using your gifts to serve. 
  4. Do you still have questions about Jesus or questions about the church?  Great. Come out to one of our Engage Classes
  5. Visit a community group- this is really where connection begins to happen.  There is a ton of info about community groups on this site, but you can also ask any of our pastors, shoot us an email, or find out more at the Discovery Lunch. 

And always know that you can ask questions at any time.  Whether it's just grabbing one of the Connect Team, or giving us a call or shooting us an email to set up a meeting, we'd like to help you feel as comfortable as possible here at Redeemer. Also navigate through the About Us section to learn more about us and what we believe and do.