Redeemer Fellowship is committed to raising up pastors, church planters, and leaders from within the local church. It is our desire to see men in leadership who have a firm grip on God's word, Godly character in personal life, and a shepherd's heart for His people. This two-year program combines biblical and theological learning with "hands-on" ministry experience.

It's not an easy commitment.  We meet every other week, for 4 hours at a time, for 6 semesters, and there is homework in between.  But, we believe that the training is worth it, and that proper training takes time and effort in conjunction with Christ's calling.  

One of the greatest blessings that comes out of the Pastor's and Leadership Institute is the brotherhood that emerges.  After the newness and excitement of this new endeavor wears off, it takes the encouragement and help of your brothers to keep persevering through to the end.  But it's worth it, and the relationships that come out of it, coupled with the training, are invaluable.

The areas that the Pastors Institute focuses on are:

  • Right Handling of God's Word (Bible Knowledge, Proper Theology, Practical Theology) 
  • Development of character, humility, and personal holiness
  • Right interpretation of God's Word (Hermeneutics) 
  • Right communication of God's Word (Homiletics)
  • Practical ministry equipping
  • Mentorship from other leaders

We break each semester down into a Biblical focus, a theological focus, a character focus, and a practical ministry focus. The only cost is the cost of the books, and we have tried to choose books that are inexpensive and that will span more than one semester to keep the cost down. If you have any interest, please email

We will be meeting every other Thursday at 6:30 sharp at the Church: 
1644 North Bay Ave
Toms River, NJ 

*Disclaimer-At Redeemer Fellowship, we believe that the primary biblical avenues for discipleship are the Sunday Gathering where we gather as the body of Christ to Worship Jesus. We also believe in the importance of gathering to live out the implications of the Gospel and Gospel Mission weekly in our community groups. And then, of course we believe that worship should take place in our homes on a daily basis as we deepen in our personal and family devotion. Before attending PLI we'd like to make sure that it is not taking away from any of those. If you had to choose between PLI or a community group, choose the community group 100% of the time. In fact, this is only available to those who are already involved in a community group because we want this to be supplemental not a replacement for biblical venues of discipleship.