Sermons from Romans

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September 24, 2023

Sharing Together in The Life of Christ

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Who Are We? The Mission and Core Values of Redeemer Fellowship Topic: Mission Scripture: Romans 6:1–14, Ephesians 2:1–10

November 20, 2022

The Fulfillment of the Law

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: The Ten Commandments Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Romans 13:8–10

September 25, 2022

Bearing the Weight of the Name: The Third Commandment

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: The Ten Commandments Topic: Worship, Faithfulness Scripture: Exodus 20:7, Romans 13:8–14, Revelation 22:4

September 19, 2021

Our Father in Heaven

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: The Lord's Prayer: Participating in Thy Kingdom Come Topic: Adoption, Identity Scripture: Matthew 6:9, Exodus 4:21–23, Deuteronomy 32:1–18, Romans 8:12–29, Isaiah 6:1–7, Ephesians 2:11–22

January 24, 2021

What is a Church Member?

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Rooted: Grounded in the Foundations of the Faith Topic: Church Membership Scripture: Romans 12:9–21

January 14, 2018

Belonging: Message 1 - "We Are Not our Own but Belong to God"

Series: Belonging Topic: Christian Growth Scripture: Romans 14:1–9, 1 Corinthians 6:19–20

December 31, 2017


Series: Stand alone Topic: Led by the Spirit Scripture: Romans 8:1–13

October 1, 2017

Sola Fide

Series: The Five Solas Topic: Faith Scripture: Romans 4, Genesis 22