The Distinguishable Kingdom

October 6, 2019 Series: Upside-down Kingdom

Topic: Christian Growth Scripture: Matthew 5:13–16

Community Group Questions: 

  1. What about this Sunday’s sermon was most encouraging and most challenging? Explain.
  2. Jesus talks about the church being the “light of the world”. Compare this statement with Genesis 1:3-5 and John 1:1-5. How might these passages be related to Jesus’ statement about the church?
  3. The concept of light implies that there is darkness. Where have you observed darkness in your own world, and how can your community group serve as a source of light amid the darkness? Try not to abstract this, and think of the question in relation to your own life and family, the life of the church, and the immediate context you’re in.
  4. How have you been complicit in veiling the light of God’s kingdom? Why was this the case, and what is tempting about keeping the light of the kingdom “under a basket”?
  5. Pastor Eric talked about the church’s role in making the kingdom “observable”. Develop some tangible steps you and your community group could take to be a source of light in the world, in both word and deed to make the kingdom of God “observable”. 

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