December 8, 2019

Sent With Haste: Mary's Magnificat

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Where Your Treasure Is (Advent 2019) Scripture: Luke 1:26–56

Community Group Questions for 12/8/19's Message:

 Engage Yourself:

-Reflect on your own life, your relationships, your finances, your hopes and dreams, where do you sense an absence of peace, and what are some of the events that led you there?

-What would it look like for there to peace and wholeness in those areas of your life?

Engage the Text:

-Consider v.v. 51-55 of Mary’s Magnificat, how she presents the proud versus the humble and the poor versus the rich. Does this passage bring you comfort and encouragement or is it unsettling? Explain and be honest; there ought to be a little bit of both.

-Mary responds to the angel Gabriel in verse 38 saying, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word”.

  • What might be the implications of her response, especially considering her age, socio-economic standing, and betrothal?
  • What does this say about her character, and how does her response challenge you in your own circumstances?

Engage your Neighbor:

-Mary’s song begins with herself, and it then expands to Israel and ultimately to the world. How might her prophetic voice against the powers and principalities shape your own understanding of what it means to engage the brokenness around us here in Toms River and to the uttermost parts of the earth?

-We spoke about the necessity of disruption and pain that comes before peace. How, where and with whom is God calling you to step into the pain so that peace might come? How can your community group come alongside you as you take this step of faith as an agent of hope and peace, especially considering the Advent season? 

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