Herod and the Wise Men

December 15, 2019 Series: Where Your Treasure Is (Advent 2019)

Topic: Advent Scripture: Matthew 2:1–23

Community Group Questions For 12/15/19's Message:

Engage yourself: 

1. In our message, we quoted Tim Keller who said, “The greatest way to see what someone truly treasures in their heart is to obstruct their access to that thing, then we will find out if that thing was an important thing or an ultimate thing”.  What are the things in our lives that if our access to them were obstructed would produce the strongest reaction?  How can this be true of good things and bad things? 

2. What does that “thing” from question #1 show us about what we truly treasure in our hearts? Explain.

Engage the text: 

1. What was Herod’s reaction to the Good News of the birth of the King? (2:3)

  • What other clues do we see from this passage that back up the idea that he had a negative reaction to this news?
  • Was there ever a time where pride or fear of changing position caused you to    respond poorly to news that should have been good news? 

2. In what way did the magi following the star point back to the Israelites wandering in the wilderness?  In what ways was it an indictment to how far the hearts of the Jewish nation had fallen by the time of Jesus? 

3. How was the fruit of Herod and the fruit of the Wise Men an indication of what was truly in their hearts? What are some other things that we can treasure that can cause our hearts to be a soil where bad fruit can grow? 

Engage your neighbor:

How does what we treasure show off Who we treasure to our neighbors? 

If our family or neighbors were to be asked what we treasure, would they have a clear picture that our treasure is not of this world? How so?


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