January 5, 2020

Treasure What You Know

Series: Where Your Treasure Is (Advent 2019) Topic: Advent Scripture: Luke 2:41–52

Engage the Self


1. Talk through some of the things in your life that that are confusing.


2. What are some of our typical responses to confusing situations in our life?


Engage the Text


1. In what ways does Jesus’s statement, “I must be in my Father’s house,” challenge our faith, and priorities?


2. Reading the response of Mary in Verse 51, how does that show us how to respond well to the confusion in our own lives?


Engage your Neighbor


5. How can our Commitment to Jesus in times of confusion be a witness to the believer and the skeptic in our lives ?


6. What does Jesus’s obedience to Mary in the this passage teach us about how we should love and serve our neighbor?

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