Bear Witness Without Compromise

October 25, 2020 Series: To Those Who Conquer

Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Revelation 2:12–17

Community Group Questions: 

Engage Yourselves: 

  • In what way(s) do you think our church needs to repent of idolatry?
  • Do you think there are areas in your individual life where you need to repent of idolatry? Explain. 

Engage the Text: 

  • Pergamum is described as a city where Satan’s throne is. How might this relate to what you understand about spiritual forces of evil (spiritual warfare) and the sinfulness of humanity? 

Engage your Neighbor: 

  • What are the marks or attributes of a faithful church, and where might we as a church need to push ourselves? 
  • Where migh you need to push yourself indivually, especially as it relates to evangelism and mission? 

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