Authority Over the Nations

November 1, 2020 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: To Those Who Conquer

Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Revelation 2:18–29

Community Group Questions: 

Engage Yourselves: 

  • In what ways do you find it easiest to compromise when it comes to following Jesus, in your finances, your thought life, how you raise your kids or treat your spouse? Think through this and explain why. 
  • What about this passage is both encouraging and challenging to you as a follower of Jesus? 

Engage the Text: 

  • Read 1 Kings 16:29-34. Based on what you read in this passage, why do you think the letter to Thyatira references the woman Jezebel? 
  • What migth it mean that we will have "authority over the nations"? In what ways might this have brought comfort to faithful Christians under the oppresive thumb of foreign powers? 

Engage your Neighbor: 

  • What might be at stake missionally when the church "pracices sexual immorality" with the nations, even our own nation? 
  • How might holiness and upright living, both corporately as the church, and individually, impact our witness? 

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