Clothed in White

November 8, 2020 Series: To Those Who Conquer

Topic: Faithfulness, Assurance Scripture: Revelation 3:1–6

Check out the "Ask Pastor John" episode that Pastor Tim referenced in this week's sermon

Community group questions

Engage yourselves

  • What similarities do you see between the church in Sardis and the church in our culture, if any? What is your evidence for that opinion? What signs of life do you see?
  • How has the Christian culture influenced your understanding of the picture of Christ coming “like a thief”? How should we think about this picture?

Engage the text

  • How is it mercy and grace that Christ shows the church in Sardis their true condition (v.2)?
  • What do you believe is the connection between remembering and repenting (v. 3)?

Engage your Neighbor

  • How can believers be influencers for good in the midst of the cultural polarization we experience? Have you caught yourself getting caught up in those issues?
  • Have you had opportunity to be a source of light to those in your neighborhood? How has that gone?

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