The Spirit Filled Church

February 28, 2021 Series: Faithful Witnesses: A Study in the Book of Acts

Topic: Led by the Spirit , Faithfulness Scripture: Acts 2:41–47, Acts 4:32–37

Community Group Questions

Engage Yourselves: 

In what ways are you devoted to the four "marks" discussed in this week's sermon? In what ways are you not? Explain what might be keeping you from faithfulness in these areas? 

In what ways is your community group devoted to these four "marks", and in what ways do you need to be challenged so that you might grow in these areas? 

Engage your Neighbor: 

How can you come alongside your community group to the group continue in the areas where they are strong and to improve in areas where they might need improvement? 

What is your concept of giving when it comes to the church? In what ways has this passage challenged you? 

As a community group, take some time to "devote" yourselves to prayer for one another, your neighbors, and Redeemer Fellowship. 

Engage your Family: 

As a family, where do you give your time and resources to? How does that line up with what we looked at this past week, and how might you need correction? Talk about this with your family, and make a plan as to how you might live out the Spirit filled life together. 

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