Called by My Name

June 13, 2021 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Faithful Witnesses: A Study in the Book of Acts

Topic: Assurance, Faithfulness Scripture: Acts 15:1–35

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourself:

What is it about being identified with the people of God or the family of God that is most comforting and encouraging for you?

Where in your life do you feel a tug toward idolatry? How might you combat that and repent?

Engage the Text:

V.v. 10 and 11 talk about an unbearable yoke and the nature of our salvation. What about this verse is most challenging and encouraging?

Engage your Neighbor:

Who in your sphere of influence (neighbor, friend, family, etc.) would be considered an outsider or unwelcomed, either because culture says so or because “churchiosity” says so? Consider ways you might demonstrate love and hospitality toward them.

Engage your Family:

Talk to your kids about the importance of reaching out to those who are different from them, especially if they have been ignored (this could be people who look different, struggle with a disability, or are just unliked by their classmates).

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