The Settling of Accounts

December 12, 2021 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Parables of Advent: Watching and Waiting

Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Matthew 25:14–30

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourself:

What was most challenging about the sermon this week? Explain.

What is it about risk that might cause us to tremble? What confidence can we have when that risk is for the Kingdom?

Engage the Text:

While this passage isn’t about money, it is also about money. In what ways might this passage challenge your use of finances, especially as it relates to the Kingdom?

This passage talks about both the grace and judgement of God. What about this passage challenges our common understanding of Christianity? 

Engage your Neighbor:

In what ways might God be calling you to “risk” something for the sake of your neighbors? How is the mission of God a risk?


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