In Christ...In Philippi: A Conflict of Citizenship

February 20, 2022 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Citizens of Heaven: A Study in Philippians

Topic: Heavenly Citizenship, Faithfulness Scripture: Philippians 1:1–2

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourselves:

With whom, whether that’s an individual or a group of people, do you find it most difficult to identify with or engage? Why do you think that is? What might be preventing you from moving toward his person or group of people?

Engage the Text:

While Paul’s greeting is pretty standard, what is something that stands out to you? Why is that?  

Read through Philippians 2:5-11. In what ways might the Christ Hymn that relate to the first two verses of Paul’s letter?

Engage your Neighbor:

Humility and citizenship are going to be major themes that carry through this series. In what ways might God be giving you opportunities to live as a humble citizen of heaven among your neighbors? Share those with you community group.

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