Prayer and the Supply of the Spirit

March 13, 2022 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: Citizens of Heaven: A Study in Philippians

Topic: Heavenly Citizenship, Prayer Scripture: Philippians 1:18–26

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourself:

What is it about suffering and trials that makes it difficult to remain faithful to Christ?

During times of great difficulty, what are some of the things that kept you from walking away from Christ?

Engage the Text:

Why do you think it makes sense that Paul quotes the book of Job? What is it about Job’s life that might have resonated with the Apostle?

What stands out to you in this passage? Explain. 

Engage your Neighbor:

Paul sees his life as something that exists for the benefit of others. In what way might this challenge you, specifically in the way you relate to your neighbors, both Christian and non-Christian?

Paul has a high view of prayer; who is someone you know who is in need of prayer? Spend regular time praying for them, alone, with your community group, and with them.

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