Christian Unity Through Suffering

March 20, 2022 Speaker: Peter LaRosa Series: Citizens of Heaven: A Study in Philippians

Topic: Heavenly Citizenship, Unity Scripture: Philippians 1:27–30

Community Group Questions:
Engage Yourselves:
(I'm borrowing these two questions from Stephen Fowl, so I want to give him credit). 
Do you consider unity an essential practice of the Christian life?
Have you been so schooled in the habits of individualism that you are no longer willing to form your life in Christ in common with other believers?
Engage the Text:
Verse 29 says, "For it has been granted to you that for that sake of Christ you should not only believe in him, but also suffer for his sake." Knowing this, how does this shape your mindset on suffering?
Engage Your Neighbor:
Have you had instances where you have attempted to share the gospel with a neighbor(s) and they became hostile?  How did you handle that situation?  Have you interacted with that neighbor(s) since, or have you been apprehensive to do so?  Do these verses give you confidence to engage that neighbor(s) again? 

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