A Jealous God: The First and Second Commandment

September 18, 2022 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: The Ten Commandments

Topic: Worship Scripture: Exodus 20:3–6, Matthew 19:16–24

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourself:

What is it about the story of the rich young ruler that makes us so nervous?

Analyze yourself. What is something you love, that if you lost it, would leave you empty and without purpose in this world? Why do you think that is? Be honest with yourself.

Engage the Text:

What stood out in either the sermon or the passages we covered on Sunday? Why do you think that is?

The rich young ruler’s god was wrapped up in his possessions. What are some other things that might fall into the category of gods that people might worship, that you might worship?

Engage your Neighbor:

How might this calling to love God above all things and to not bow down to idols impact the way you engage others, whether they be family members, people here at Redeemer, or those who live in your community?

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