October 2, 2022

Remember the Lord of the Sabbath

Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Series: The Ten Commandments Topic: Faithfulness, Sabbath Scripture: Exodus 20:8–11, Deuteronomy 5:12–15, Hebrews 4:1–11

Community Group Questions:

Engage Yourself:

Do words like “stopping”, “pausing”, or “taking a break” give you a sense of freedom or anxiety? Why do you think you lean one way or the other?

Do you find yourself “running ragged”? What changes might you need to make? What barriers are preventing you from making those changes?

Engage the Text:

What stood out to you and was most challenging and most encouraging to you from either the sermon or the passages we looked at on Sunday? Why do you think that was the case?

Engage your Neighbor:

In what ways might freeing yourself up for sabbath help you to better engage the people around you? What practical steps do you want to take toward that end?

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