The Nature of the Mission

Jun 20, 2021 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Scripture: Acts 15:36– 16:40 Series: Faithful Witnesses: A Study in the Book of Acts

The Pressure of Faithfulness

Oct 18, 2020 Speaker: Jonathan Sgalambro Scripture: Revelation 2:8–11 Series: To Those Who Conquer

Prisoners of War

Mar 8, 2020 Scripture: Ephesians 3:1–7 Series: In Heaven And On Earth

A New Hope Part 2: The Darkness Before the Dawn

Apr 14, 2019 Scripture: Genesis 7:1– 8:22 Series: Beginnings

Use Your Suffering

Jul 8, 2018 Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3 Series: Striving After the Wind

Good Friday

Mar 30, 2018 Scripture: Hebrews 2:5–10 Series: Stand alone

The Mystery Revealed

Mar 18, 2018 Scripture: Colossians 1:24–29 Series: The Supremacy of Christ

Belonging in the Storm

Aug 20, 2017 Scripture: Acts 27:13–35 Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit

Trials, Sovereignty and the Gracious Will of God

Aug 6, 2017 Speaker: Sesky Paul Scripture: Acts 25:1–27 Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit

God's Sovereignty over Evil Actions

Jul 23, 2017 Scripture: Acts 23:1–35 Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit

Acts 14 - Gospel Witness and Tribulation

Mar 12, 2017 Scripture: Acts 14:22 Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit

Forced to Look Outward

Feb 12, 2017 Scripture: Acts 12:1–19 Series: Acts of the Holy Spirit