We value Jesus.  So, all of the things that we would consider to be a "core value" have to do with how to shape our community around Jesus, and to make disciples of Jesus.   

Gospel Centered

We believe that the term "Gospel Centered" is more than a trendy term to describe a new way of doing church.  We believe that the Bible is God's Perfect word to us.  But it is not just a collection of moral stories.  It tells one story.  The whole book tells the story of the love of God that was demonstrated through the redemptive work of Jesus on the Cross.  So, everything we teach, everything we do, and the way we shape our community all comes back to the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


When did church get so complicated?  There are a lot of places in the bible where God tells the people that their worship was so complicated that they actually lost God in the midst of their busy religious complexity.  We seek to keep it simple and keep it all about Jesus.  When we keep it simple, it helps us get out of the way, and Jesus to get all the glory (John 3:30) 


In all that we do we should be raising up disciples.  Ministry should never be dependant upon one person or group of people.  At Redeemer Fellowship, we seek to keep things simple and reproducible so that we can plant many churches, and many might hear the good news of Jesus.  We believe this happens best when things are dependant upon God and His Spirit and not man and his abilities. 

Everything we do has an upward and outward focus

We believe that we are called to gather together for passionate, Jesus-focused worship. Experiencing Christ together in community is a big part of how we grow as Christians.  We also believe that we are to scatter and take that Good News with us, live it out in community and scatter as missionaries wherever we live, work and play.  The Gospel changes everything inward, but its not supposed to stay there, and as it transforms us, it lifts our eyes upwards and our lifestyles outward. We love seeing God work on the inward person, but change happens by focusing upward and compels us to extend that love outward.  Ministries do not exist to prop up themselves. When we call this a core value it means evaluate every ministry to make sure there is transformational growth, and the chance to mutually disciple and serve each other in the church, but we are constantly pushing on the fact that we need to remember those who have not yet heard the good news. 

Church Planting

We really want to see the Jersey Shore reached with the Good News of Jesus.  We believe that Church Planting is the most Biblical and the most effective way to make disciples.  We do not want people traveling far to come to Redeemer Toms River, because it makes it difficult for them to be missionaries in their communities if they travel to another community to worship Jesus.  So, our hope is to see Gospel Preaching churches planted up and down the Jersey Shore.  We want to raise up disciples and help everybody see that as a goer, sender or equipper that each person has a role they can plan in church planting.