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It is our hope that this page provides you with one place for all of your needs regarding Sunday Worship, Worship Lyrics, Sermon Texts, Links to worship through Online Giving, links to benevolce to help those in our community who are struggling, Community Group Questions, Goings-on throughout the week and much more as we continue to seek wisdom from above on how to best lead and feed the body, keep us connected and to encourage to share together in the life of Christ by loving God and loving neighbor...

It is our prayer that this sight serves you well. 

Your Pastors at Redeemer Fellowship


  • Follow along with the service either on YouTube above or by following the link up at 10AM on Facebook
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  • Please feel free to comment on the stream thread on either platform. This helps promote community in a time when we are so disconnected. Also PLEASE share any needs or prayer requests
  • Pray. Either by yourself or if you are with people. But pray for your heart as you engage, the time of worship as you participate and that the reality of the Resurrected King would fill our hearts with wonder and amazement all over again as we worship together-separately 

Order of Service: We have been having some issues with uploading files, so we are going to begin on Facebook Live at 10AM and then Pastor Eric will walk us through how to engage the worship service together. 

The easiest way to follow along will be to click HERE and simply allow the YouTube Playlist to run continually into the next video 

  1. Pastoral welcome- Pastor Eric Loyer (on Facebook Live at 10AM) CLICK HERE
  2. Worship in Song- The Larosas  
  3. Announcements/Offering/Pastoral Exhortation- Pastor Daniel    
  4. Sermon- Pastor Eric- Message 2 of Philemon series, "The Gospel Changes Everything". Today we will look at verses 8-16 "Compelled Not Compulsed"
  5. Reflection questions- Community Group Questions posted below 
  6. Final song of worship 
  7. Benediction

Community Group Questions for 6/28/20 sermon: The Gospel Changes Everything Part 2, Philemon 1:8-17, "Compelled Not Compulsed"

Engage Yourself:

  • Describe a time when someone challenged you but did so out of a motivation of love and with a spirit of grace. 
  • How did being able to trust in their love-motivation and their gracious spirit help you in hearing something that may have been difficult to hear?
Engage the Text:
  • Why did Paul spend 7 verses of a 25 chapter book going over his love, thankfulness and prayers for Philemon and his church? 
  • What were some of the things that Paul prays for, gives thanks for and expresses his love over in the first 7 verses?
  • How do you think it must have felt for Philemon and his church to hear these things from Paul?
  • What does Paul's intro to the letter of Philemon show us about approaching people with a "grace sandwich" rather than merely an "iron fist"?
Engage your Neighbor:
  • In our passage Paul gives evidences of God’s grace in his friend, Philemon’s life- Think about someone who you often experience the grace of God in their company or by the way they follow Jesus. Who is it?  What is it about them that causes you to experience God’s grace when you are around them?
  • In our passage, Paul also shares evidences of God’s grace grace that he observed in Philemon’s church. What are some evidences of God’s grace that you see at Redeemer?
  • Our passage is leading to Paul asking Philemon to consider the evidences of God’s grace in the life of Onesimus- someone who had hurt Philemon- What are some some evidences of God’s grace in the life of someone who you don’t see eye to eye. What specific things do you see?

Special Announcements for Week of 6/28/20

  • If you or someone that you know is struggling to get by during these difficult times when so many are unemployed or underemployed, please follow the link to our Benevolence Ministry. We are here to help. If you need help, please ask by clicking HERE
  • We are beginning Sunday morning outside services on July 5, 2020 at 10AM (We will also be streaming those services for those who want to follow along at home) 
  • Most non-Sunday ministries have begun or are set to re-begin with meeting live. Please contact your Community Group Leader or the specific ministry leader if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • Pastoral email below... 


Email from Pastors 

Hey Redeemer Fellowship, 

We are getting closer and closer to our outdoor service on July 5, so continue to keep an eye out for details pertaining to that event. We are looking forward to being together, and we are excited to see how God is going to use that time for his purposes. 

We just finished out series in 2 Peter on our MWF prayer call; you can access those videos on our Facebook page. Next week we will begin a short series on reading prophetic/apocalyptic literature, so tune in at noon on MWF as we discuss that topic. We will not be able to cover everything, and there will most likely be a variety of opinions, but one thing we can all agree on is that Jesus is coming back and we are called to live in light of His kingdom. 

Tune in this coming Sunday as Pastor Eric continues in our series in the book of Philemon. The information for that service can be found here. You can access last week's service here. You can use our online platform to worship the Lord with your tithes and offerings. 

Finally, Pastor Sesky is continuing to feel better, and will be released from the hospital. Please continue praying for him and for Stephanie during this difficult time. We are grateful to God that his body is healing. 

Redeemer Fellowship, "do not grow weary in doing good" and continue to love one another as Christ loved you. We look forward to being together. 

Grace and Peace, 

Your Pastors