Realizing a vision as big as seeing God transform the Jersey Shore with the Gospel must include an emphasis on the teens.  We are a church that has various ministries, but all of the ministries have the same mission and vision.  At Redeemer Fellowship, every ministry, every thing we do is driven by the same set of passions and the same core convictions... 

...To share together in the life of Christ by Loving God and Loving Neighbor

We are about training and sending missionaries here at Redeemer, and we believe that our teens are one of our most valuable sources of missionaries on the whole shore. 

The things that drive our youth ministry are the same values that drive the rest of our church:

  • We want to see our teens being passionate, unapologetic worshippers of Jesus Christ.
  • We want to see them have genuine community with other kids their age, and build each other up in the faith.  We also want to see them have a blast.  There is so much joy to be found in Christ, often young people fail to see that, and that can be what makes them tap out.  We want them to see that there is joy and fun in community with Christ and other Christians, as well as depth.  
  • We want them to see that they are missionaries- NOW.  Few things can spread a contagious love for Jesus as much as a teen that lives for Him unashamed in the midst of their peers. 
  • We want to be serious about discipleship with our teens, and that goes way beyond youth group. We want to see them be a part of the church, not just some sub-section that exists outside of it.  They need to be a part of intergenerational community not just peer-to-peer community (though that is important too).  They need to be hearing from God's Word, and we fully believe that they can "get it" because they have the same Holy Spirit as their more experienced brothers and sisters. 

Look, we want to buck the trend.  We don't want our teens "Graduating from Church" when they go off on their own.  We want to raise up a generation of lifelong lovers of Jesus. We want to see a generation take their place as the "sent ones" to go and take the good news to a world that needs to hear it. 

As we describe the spiritual foundation here, don't think that we are not planning on having a ton of fun too.  As you navigate the youth group pages, you will see that we plan on having a blast each time we gather.  We just do not see having a blast, and growing as disciples as being in conflict.  We plan to do our best to do both.

If you have any questions, look through our youth group section, or reach out to Erik Bergstrom, the leader of Redeemer Youth at