Community Group Questions for 6/2/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“Love on the Alter” 6/2/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 22

Series: Genesis 13-50- God’s Dysfunctional Family Tree 

1). Genesis 22:2 makes a big deal about Isaac being Abraham’s “only son whom you love”

a. Before we skip to the New Testament, what would the original hearers have thought when they heart this?  Keep in mind the “seed promise” in Genesis 3:15, Abraham having another son in chapter 16 and the growing pattern of the line not always going through the first born or most expected?

b. How does this language point us to the New Testament?

2). How do we see Abraham’s faith begin to grow here in chapter 22 in ways we didn’t see in chapter 16?

3). God is calling Abraham to put his son on the alter, but in what “spiritual way” is  God is calling Abraham to put his own self-will on the alter and learn to trust God. 

4). Has there every been a time where God has called you to put something on the alter that might have stung at the time but it was for your health and your growth?

5). Why is it so important to the story that God provided a substitute and did not allow Isaac to be slain?

6). At what point did God say that He knew that Abraham feared God?

7). How can trusting God by taking an initial step to lay something difficult on the alter show that you fear God and Love the Lord more than what this world could ever offer? 

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