RedeemerKids is a place where our children our known, loved and invested in. It is our hope, that as we live out our calling to share together in the life of Christ, by loving God and loving neighbor, that we would be a church where our children are not only cared for within their classes, but by every member of our community!

We offer nursery for newborn to 3 years old, as well as a full, age appropriate Sunday School program for Pre-school through 5th grade.

                   Nursury- For newborn through 3 (still in diapers) 

                   Pre-School Class: For children age three (potty-trained) through Kindergarten.

                   Younger students class: For children in 1st-3rd grades.

                   Older students: This is meatier content for our 4th and 5th graders 

We value the ability for your children to play and be taught in a safe environment. With secure check-in and a restricted children's area, the safety of the kids is a high priority. Once you arrive, you can begin the check-in process so that you can have your little ones ready for their special time of exploring the Gospel.

We also value family worship, so we keep the kids in the service for the time of singing. We believe it encourages them to be a part of the family of Christ while enjoying time with you before they go to their classrooms. However, nursery is available from the beginning of the service.  There will be an announcement for the dismissal of the children, at which time you may lead your child/children to their classroom(s). If it is their first time, please feel free to stay to make them more comfortable. 

We are currently teaching through a curriculum called "The Gospel Project". Each lesson weaves Christ and the Gospel into the Bible story being taught. Every week is a new story, going chronologically through the Bible, and a fun way to see how the Gospel and Jesus changes everything. Your children will be engaged through a lesson, a game or a craft, a time of prayer, and a worksheet. Most of all, their hearts will be engaged by the Gospel through teachers who hold the education of children in high regard.  Check out the promo below!

We look forward to seeing new faces and enjoying the opportunity and privilege of teaching your children.