I Want to be a Member:

So you’ve spent some time getting to know us, and now you're considering locking arms with us as we share together in the life of Christ by loving God and loving neighbor. The steps are simple:

  • Attend Sunday mornings regularly, and try to engage with a community group for 3 months. At Redeemer, we believe joining a church is a big decision that carries with it a level of commitment that needs to be considered. Therefore, we think it’s important to spend some time getting to know our community before jumping in. Attending Sunday mornings services and traveling with a community group for three months will give you the time you need to get to know our church, both on Sunday mornings and in the context of a community group. These are two of the primary ways we cultivate Deeply Formed Community here at Redeemer Fellowship. 
  • Attend a Discovery Lunch and both Membership Classes. These classes will provide the theological and missional vision for Redeemer Fellowship, as we seek to share together in the life of Christ here on the Jersey Shore.
  • Provide a written explanation of what you believe the Gospel is and the story of your own walk with Jesus, whether you came to faith later on in life, or you were raised in a Christian home. We would also like to hear about your baptism experience. If you have trusted in Jesus but have never been baptized, we perform baptisms twice a year! If you are interested in being baptized, you can email us at info@redeemernj.com
  • The elders and your community group leader will reach out to you with any questions they might have.