Community Group Questions for 7/7/19

Community Group Questions

“Under Foreign Kings: The Story of the Psalter”


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Scripture Series: Joy in the Mourning

1.       What do you remember most from Sunday’s teaching?Where did you find encouragement? How were you challenged?

2.       Read Psalm 1. What does it mean for you to “delight” in the Law of the Lord?

3.       Read Psalm 2. What does it mean for you to “take refuge in” the Lord?  

4.       Psalm 89 reflects the frustration of Israel, specifically beginning in verse 38. The Psalmist cries out in verse 46, “How long, O LORD? Will you hide yourself forever?”. Describe a time where you have felt this. What about this time was most frustrating and painful?

5.       Psalm 73 relates similar frustration. What is it about this world that makes it so unfair? What ultimately brings hope to the psalmist in this particular psalm?

6.       Psalm 73 talks about being “near God” as the source of his hope and refuge. Where can we find the presence of God on this side of glory?

7.       Lament and mourning are a major theme in the Book of Psalms. How can you shoulder the tears and mourning of those around you?

8.       Psalms 145-150 close the book out with praise. Read Psalm 150. What about this psalm is encouraging? Are there places where you have experienced this sort of joy and excitement? Share those with one another and discuss how these times can serve as a means to draw you nearer to God amid the trials of this life. Thinking of life this way?