Our Youth Group Gathering is one part of our youth ministry.  We really believe that for teens to be discipled, that they need to be a part of the church, and not just off doing their own separate thing.  But, we also believe that they should have a place where they can have fun, be encouraged by other Christians their age, and be taught the Word in a way that speaks to their present context. 

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What Can I Expect?

  • The Word -  We place a high priority on God's Word and it is the most important part of our weekly time together.
  • Worship - Each week we engage in many different forms of worship including student led singing, and a time of prayer and discussion. 
  • Diversity - Everyone fits in. This is not a club or group of cliques where people will be judged. Jesus had a wide variety of people around him, and we want our youth group to be an example of that diverse community.
  • Safety - Parents need to know that their teens are safe and have confidence that their kids will be well cared for. Beyond developing relationships with our students we seek to maintain close relationship with our parents so that mutual trust can be formed.
  • Having a Blast! -  We were all teens once, and we know if it's not fun, they're not going to stick it out. Our games and activities can get a little crazy, but we see no conflict between teaching biblically meaty stuff and having a really good time.

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Meeting Time: Thursdays 6-8pm

Ages: 6th-12th Grade

Location: 1644 N. Bay Ave, Toms River 

We are really seeking to develop something special here, and we invite you to come along and create it with us.  If you have any questions email

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