July 25, 2021

Paul Begins His Odyssey

Speaker: Tim Bowditch Series: Faithful Witnesses: A Study in the Book of Acts Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Acts 21:1– 23:35

Community Group Questions: 

What parallels do you see between Paul's "odyssey" and other heroic tales such as The Lord of the Rings? Are there others that come to mind? 

Do you identify your own faith walk as an odyssey? Hae you ever thought in those terms? 

Consider the following quote: "All of us, if we are obedient to Christ, will face death of some sort, for the cross is a non-negotiable prerequisite of discipleship." How does that land on you? Have you had struggles that might help you identify with Paul, at least on some level? 

Have you ever thought of giving to the church, or to missions specifically, as a type of investment with eternal rewards?